Serving South East Saskatchwan 
Specializing in Agruculture, Commercial & Residential

  1. Marketing Strategy
    By using a broad range of marketing strategies we reach more potential buyers! Web sites, Social Media, Newspaper Classifieds, Signage and Internal Realtor Connections are just some of the ways we market your property to the world!
  2. Professional Realtor
    When you hire a realtor you have a representative that knows the current market, how to correctly price your property, and ensure all legal obligations are met. Realtors save you time and ensure the transaction goes smoothly! We only get paid if we SELL for you!
  3. Added Value
    RE/MAX Bridge City Realty is a registered real estate company with a certified agronomist on board. You are provided with choices and options for selling. When you list with RE/MAX you list with the the most widely recognized real estate brand in the WORLD!
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June Daku works as a Realtor in the SE and South parts of Saskatchewan, Canada!  Lives on  a farm  near Kipling Saskatchewan with her husband, cows and horses!  
Give her a call if you are looking for land or land for sale in Saskatchewan she will do her best in looking for the land  that you need to farm! 306-736-7640!!
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Why Hire a Realtor? 
Why should you list with June Daku?
Realtors have professional training, experience and knowledge of the market as well as the legalities of a proper purchase or sale. We ensure your transaction goes smoothly! 
June Daku can give you the jump on selling your property! She brings a wealth of agricultural experience to the table and a genuine understanding of farm life as well as the resources of RE/MAX
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