Serving South East Saskatchwan 
Specializing in Agruculture, Commercial & Residential

Being an active farmer and a realtor in Saskatchewan has given me exceptional incite on land for sale in Saskatchewan.
I can help you find the right parcel of land! Whether you are an existing farmer/rancher looking to expand your current production of acres, a new farmer/rancher wanting to know the essentials of buying the right parcel of land for yourself, or maybe you are an investor looking for farmland for sale in Saskatchewan to make a return on your investments.

I have had experience of selling land/finding land for all of the above. I have also had farmers sign up a “Buyers Contract” and went out looking for specific Saskatchewan farms for sale for Buyers.

I have had the opportunity of selling land/finding land for investors.  Searched for renters for the farmland acres and in my area, I have had the opportunity of dealing with oil lease revenues on the land for the investor. 

Having experience of farming in Saskatchewan, agronomy classes, being able to help with Ag Expert books, having the best tools in the business and knowledge to best determine the most “Current Market Price” is what I can help you with. 

Whether you are Purchasing farm land for sale in Saskatchewan or Selling! 

Give me a call TODAY,
June Daku 

Why Hire a Realtor?

 ​​​​​​​​​​  •    ​Your property will be priced correctly.  We have access to an abundance of information to market your property, we do this procedure as accurately as possible to ensure an expedient sale. 

•    We understand the current market for your property and want you to use the best opportunities possible for selling your property.  
 •    We do the negotiating for you. 
Buyers are not often comfortable dealing 
directly with the seller! Likewise, you may not want to deal on your own home.                                                                                                                                            

•    Hiring a REALTOR® frees up your schedule to do what you do! 
•    REALTORS® are trained and expected to provide a high level of service to you, & a
 potential buyer. 

•    We are experienced with Real Estate Law and Practice. Part of our job is protecting your interests throughout the negotiations and the 
closing, and avoid any practices that might result in legal entanglements. 

•    We do up the paperwork to the lawyers and ensure all copies are expedited to them. 

•    REALTORS® only get paid when your property has sold.   

•    Our commissions  go to expenses 
incurred from listing, advertising, promotions, showings research, travel, office work, shows, etc.

Why Should You List Your Property With June Daku of RE/MAX ?

~ Why choose RE/MAX? It is the most widely recognized real estate brand in the WORLD!

~Unrivalled Expertise. Canadian RE/MAX agents averaged twice as many transactions as its competitors. (based on2015 closed transactions source: CREA, RE/MAX) and have more specialized designations than any other, making them Canada’s most productive agents.   
~ We have a certified agronomist on board for your needs! Especially if you are a buyer!

~ We have experienced & knowledgeable people that come from farming backgrounds!

~RE/MAX is Community Conscious.  Many agents like June directly donate a portion of their sales to Miracle Home Program (healthcare for children) & to the Children’s Miracle Network!



 Marketing Strategies used RE/MAX Bridge City Realty

   • RE/MAX was the 1st to extend its reach to global marketing – 80 countries/40 languages. RE/MAX can search and post listings internationally! 
   • RE/MAX Canada search tools: outperforms the MLS service! – so why not use both! It is an immensely valuable tool as it connects not only with buyers but other REALTORS® across Canada. 
    • MLS called the Multiple Listing Service: this website advertises listings of all Licensed REALTORs® across all of Canada for potential buyers and sellers to look at. 
   • RE/MAX Bridge City Realtor site, June Daku Realtor website. FACEBOOK 

   • We do our local papers, & yours. 

   • The Western Producer is still a very viable advertising tool and is used as needed. 
   • Our signs are set up at your property. 
    •Our signs are set up at your property. 
5.    Internal 
   • REALTOR® communication is a valuable tool, and Real Estate Agents are constantly in touch with each other and they know many people who may be interested in a property like yours.

How Long Will It Take To Sell Your Property?

There are many factors that determine the length of time that your property will sell! 

The Market itself! 
The real estate market today is a lot different that it was 5 years ago, it is always changing. It is about supply and demand, when the supply is plentiful the market favors the buyer and of course the when the supply is down the seller is in a better position.  

 The Price of your property. 
It is very important to be realistic when pricing your property.  Overprice listings could mean the loss of future buyers even considering looking at it. Being overpriced means, it could be on the marked for a prolonged period of time and it may not be as desirable a property as it appears to be at first glance.  

Buyers make their decisions of what to buy and how much it is worth by what is out there currently for sale…so you see we need to be on top of this competition and within the same current prices! 

 Your Property.
Keeping your property in the best of possible showing condition and free from major defects can make a world of difference when we are trying to sell it.

If the costs of getting a mortgage financing are too high…this may cause a delayed time frame to selling the property, or even prevent the sale from happening.